Blast from the Past

Whilst giving this site a general tidy up recently, I found a couple of old articles published on the Journal.

8 min read

Forcing Backup in WHM

WHM changed the way it handles backups in 11.38.

1 min read

Mitigating NTP attacks against ESXi 4.1

The `monlist` command against NTP servers is being used to launch DDOS attacks.

2 min read

NGINX Routing based on IP

Sometimes you want to connect to a different set of upstream nodes from an NGINX load balancer.

3 min read


If you use the internet, it's probably a good idea to reset your passwords. Don't say you haven't been warned.

4 min read

Casting fields in MongoDB Docs

So you have your document schema sorted but your application is throwing in mixed types on an indexed field. Not the end of the world, but your indexes are performing sub optimally.

3 min read

NGINX with Upload Progress

Using NGINX as a load balancer can be great. Monitoring upload progress to feed back to your user doesn't come out the box.

2 min read

vSphere / ESXi Usernames

When adding users to ESXi 4.1 you can sometimes get the error "User name or password has an invalid format".

2 min read

Sharing Profiles via Dropbox

Great for sharing files. Great for sharing bash profiles. Great for sharing SSH keys. Great for the NSA.

2 min read

Server Density API Class in PHP

You love to write tools for your systems, your external is Server Density and you write in PHP. Oh Hai.

4 min read

Hard reboot of Server

You never want to do it, you should never need to, but sweet mary when you have to, beware of hangs.

1 min read

Regex Search in value

Use MongoDB to find a regex term inside field values.

1 min read

Killing Linux programmes by name

You're forking about with PHP - way to go! Then it spawns itself because of a bad dev script and you need to kill it in a jiffy.

2 min read

Verifying SSL on custom ports

Your shiny new SSL needs to operate on specific ports. How do you check you've installed correctly?

2 min read

Mongo PHP Extension in MAMP

Some things really shouldn't need notes. Adding the PHP MongoDB extension on MAMP does.

5 min read

The Riot Effect

The recent riots across the UK propped up news websites with many tuning in online. No one wants to know about the Arts?

2 min read

Removing arRsync Files

You like to backup. It make syou feel warm inside when your head hits the pillow. Until you find crap littered in your dirs.

3 min read