Over the years, had a great deal of love, both internally and externally.

I started the business when I was in my last year of University, aged 24, with my youngest daughter, May on her way. I ran it until 2018 but most development stopped in 2015 when I joined the team at Moltin.

It was an amazing experience. It matured from a couple of small clients where I could cut my teeth with some very basic websites written with Dreamweaver to a software development company runnign a SaaS CMS which sent 500,000 emails a month, served 150,000 pages per day and generated £300,000 in direct e-commerce sales per year.

Over the course of it’s life, it helped provide steady employment for six regular contractors of different disciplines. Generating enough work to keep everyone busy, to keep that work on point with where we were heading and engaging with every sized business from one man operations to large organisations with > 100 people in them was the most rewarding process I have been through.

It took risks and it never stood still. I am extremely proud of the effort, the achievement and the shared vision it stood for. It was only in my dreams that I could imagine it ended up where it did.

The business was always closely coupled with myself and I enjoyed directing it and participating as a stakeholder at various levels.

However, in August 2015 I felt we had reached the epitome of where we could go and instead joined the team at Moltin as a Platform Engineer. I knew this would allow me to hone in on my engineering skills beyond where we could go and it was a new and very exiting challenge.

Over the course of the following three years, I maintained good relationships with clients still using the system to help them plan migrations with as little pressure to move as possible.

With the final migrations now in process, it is time to leave the past where it belongs and wish everyone who I had the pleasure of working with the best of luck in their own endeavours.

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.

If you want to follow me on my new adventures, please take a look around my personal site.


Andrew Waters